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Why Join our RE/MAX Horizons Team?




RE/MAX Horizons Realty’s Mission Statement is to help RE/MAX Horizons Agents sell more Real Estate!


RE/MAX Horizons provides education for you to flourish financially within your business and a great company environment for you so that you may flourish personally!


We believe family comes First!

We go about our days ethically, respectfully and with integrity!

We honor each other by being competent, educated!

We pride ourselves on being cutting edge in the practice of real estate!

We embrace Everyone!



Create and maintain a positive, success-oriented environment that will allow all Sales Associates to simplify their goals and expand their potential.

Build a team of self-motivated professionals committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity within an office environment of mutual trust and earned respect.

Develop a true “team spirit” and positive attitude that pervades the company atmosphere so our business becomes more productive.

Create a family organization of empathy, cooperation and mutual support.

Help our Sales Associates achieve personal and financial independence and establish the feeling of security.

Help our Sales Associates develop innovative marketing strategies capitalizing on their personal promotion.

Develop a support staff second to none!

Provide leadership in our Real Estate industry and in the community.

Become the premier Real Estate firm in our market area in terms of quality of service to our clients and foster recognition of our high standards to the general public.

Not ALL RE/MAXs are created equal!

RE/MAX Horizons is more than your typical brokerage.

  • Smooth transition to Re-Brand you to RE/MAX Horizons
  • Does your broker make time for you? Our broker’s door is always open.
  • We have a reputation for getting the job done right and focusing on building relationships
  • Use the RE/MAX Global Brand to brand you as an agent, putting focus on what matters most….Your Growth!
  • Great commission splits! More $$$ in your pocket!
  • Our agent production is better than other offices because our business is to help you grow yours
  • Onsite Development, Training and Mentoring
  • Our office is a Team and we believe in helping each other
  • Ask any of our agents about how joining RE/MAX Horizons has helped them grow their business
  • Our broker is non-competing

What value does RE/MAX offer as a franchise?

  • A name brand
  • Agent Website, CRM, RE/MAX national leads
  • A RE/MAX Agent closes a deal every 30 seconds
  • 9 out of 10 people know RE/MAX
  • A wide variety of free marketing tools, along with agent listing automation marketing
  • Free Automated Posting to Facebook from BombBomb & RE/MAX
  • Additional training through RE/MAX University, including designations

RE/MAX horizons wants agents who fit our team. We do not ask all agents to join our office to get numbers. We want agents that work well together, are team players, and want to succeed.

If you think you have what it takes to join our office, call us today! What are you waiting for?



  • Introductory Advertisement/Announcement/Social Media Blitz
  • Personal assistance setting up your website, LeadStreet and
  • Full use of our Highly Efficient & Knowledgeable Team, trained to help you grow your business
  • Unlimited access to Advanced Technology: REMAX.NET
  • Fee free leads through LEADSTREET & RE/
  • Leads through OpCity & Rocket Homes
  • Access to RE/MAX University, where you will find thousands of FREE “How-To” videos
  • Worldwide advertising & brand recognition
  • Advanced marketing/technology tools
  • Ongoing education in business & systems training
  • Option of floor time to answer incoming sales calls & walk-ins
  • Desk, laser color printer, private phone number
  • 2 Personalized RE/MAX Horizons Realty name badges
  • Initial box of 500 personalized business cards
  • 4 Residential signs
  • 10 Note Cards
  • 10 beautiful presentation folders



Take control of your financial future. RE/MAX was founded under the concept of maximizing the returns for individual brokers and agents, hence the name Real Estate Maximum – RE/MAX.

Here at RE/MAX Horizons Realty, our two main commission plans provide varying flexibility and competitive payout. Every Agent has the opportunity to earn the 95/5 commission split, no matter what plan they choose.

We also provide an amazing staff to assist with your Marketing, MLS, Follow Up, and much more. So you can concentrate on selling real estate.


95/5 Commission Split

This is an Agent that doesn’t mind paying a monthly Office Fee of $1,100. As they have budgeted accordingly and recognize the advantage of a high payout with a monthly fee.

This is the commission that RE/MAX has become famous for. On this plan you will receive the largest commission payouts for each closing.

You will have the freedom to build your business without all the stress.

70/30 Commission Split

Small monthly fee. Once the Associate reaches a $21,000 Broker Fee CAP (amount collected by RE/MAX Horizons).

Once the CAP is reached, Agents are moved to a 95/5 split for the remainder of the anniversary year.


RE/MAX Agents win market share, global presence and brand awareness. This is because RE/MAX cares about their agents, and they never stop hunting for new ways to help them get ahead. RE/MAX Experts has access to the many tools and resources that the RE/MAX brand provides their offices. Free customizable templates and marketing material from RE/MAX Design Center, mobile apps, leads from and LeadStreet, and many more.



Our experience and integrity is what sets us apart from other real estate offices. RE/MAX Horizons has served the Panhandle of Florida since 1986. Our agents have over 400 years of experience. We stay up to date on the latest technology, leading edge software, industry news and trends, and real estate strategies. We care about serving our clients at full caliber, rather than simply making a transaction. We truly are Your Local Experts.